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NEWS – Kozeline Kitchen and Door Systems


Kozeline in Turkey Build 2019

Our company has met a host of International Developpers with an in depth interest about the whole series of products it has exposed, will it be classical doors, fire rated doors, modern laquered doors and kitchen/bathrooms to go with them. Agreements done from Belgium to Egypt have marked the importance of the event where more than 20 new accounts were created.

Kozeline now in Roumania

With the finalisation of the establishment of Kozeline Home Design S. R. L. a decisive and energetical expansion is being realized. The advantage of Price/Quality remains with Kozeline that is a good degree ahead in the design of Veneered, Laquered, Melamine and American panel doors as well as classical and modern kitchen. Inspecting in detail the product segments of this actually evolving market, an exciting and long term commercial adventure has already exposed itself.

Kozeline in the Egyptian Market

Partnering with Lotus Cleopatra in Egypt where Turkish manufactures have always had issues marketing their wooden products the Kozeline stock is a proof of its international competitive strength that will eventually return into a promising future. The superior workmanship and subtile choice of raw material has made Kozeline a well oiled selling machine in Africa and even through Egypt.

Bağdat Caddesi choice is Kozeline

One of the elite residential areas of Istanbul on the Asian side that engenders more than 1 Million of population Bağdat Caddesi has Kozeline projects moving faster than ever.The latest of these has been Çağ Yapı who rolled more than 200 furniture doors of Teak veneer in site leading Kozeline to celebrate its 500th project. With the passenger cars and carriage vehicles neatly on logo Kozeline continues to satisfy her upper segment customers in this area both with veneered and laquered doors.

Nigeria Projects

Kozeline is taking out from experience what Nigeria with the World’s singular beauty the Zuma Rock has to offer. We see again Kozeline in Africa’s 200 Million market with numerous military needs that are compensated for. Our company ensures with quality and design the exact needs of their customers and is developing now the rail guided doors innovative applications that are the market requirements.